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That makes sense—the end of the year is a time most people buy presents to give family and friends at holiday time. Yet your sign will spend more than most, so you may have a big purchase planned. You can start shopping soon for things you want to give, and also any electronic items you might need for yourself. Every year I tell you to avoid Black Friday November 29 for shopping and also Cyber Monday December 2 , but this year you have an open road to pick up those glittering bargains.

I love that on November 29, Mercury and Saturn will be in sync, indicating you or your recipient will love and keep the product a long time. On December 2, you also have sweet aspects, when Mercury and Pluto will work together—dig for the best price, and you will find it. The new moon of late last month, October 27, was monstrous, and there are not many other ways to describe it. Yet, not everyone felt that new moon—it fell in Scorpio, so you would have had to have a natal planet within a plus or minus five degrees of four-degrees Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, or Leo.

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Sometimes the eighth house rules loss of some sort, such as a financial or material matter, or the loss of someone you enjoyed in your life could be a breakup or something else or loss of a pet if your furry creature ran away. Again, if that were to happen, you would already know about it. A new moon marks the beginning of a process—rather than an end, brought on by full moons—so whatever came up will likely require time and attention from you to fully sort out—about six months most likely or up to a year less likely. Most of us need time to adjust to major changes, and that October 27 new moon, which had Uranus opposed to the Sun and new moon in Scorpio to the exact degree, had all the makings of a difficult one bent on exposing hidden information or for sending you a shocking or surprising message.

Uranus strikes suddenly and without warning. As you enter November, take things slowly as you might still be picking up the pieces of what occurred. This month, the November 12 full moon in Taurus, 20 degrees, will bring a financial matter to a close, and it will be a very positive point of the month. You might pay your college tuition, a large medical or dental bill, a tax payment, a down payment for a house or a deposit on a lease for an apartment. I am giving you examples here, but you get the idea.

The full moon on Tuesday, November 12, will be outstandingly positive because your ruler Mars will be in ideal angle to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. Jupiter is now in the fellow-fire sign of Sagittarius, another plus for you. No matter which facet you look at for this full moon, it will be your friend and will likely deliver a lucky break.

If you had applied for a raise, or if self-employed, a new project, approvals seem likely now but not earlier in the month. The same is true if you put in a claim to an insurance company—you will likely see it approved mid-month.

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Pluto will support all your efforts too, at this full moon, and that suggests a VIP will look upon you with favor, especially in terms o f financial questions. Before you arrive at the full moon, you have one outstanding day earlier, Friday, November 8, which has my vote for the best day of the month. The transiting moon will be in Aries—perfect! Also, the Sun will send a lovely signal to both Saturn and Neptune. This would be a great day to make a promise that you hope will be in place for a long time.

I say this fully mindful that Mercury will still be retrograde until November 20, so hopefully, the promise you make is a little one, not one that is overly serious and legally binding. For that, I would wait until next month, December 15, when Jupiter and Uranus will be in sync, which is a gorgeous aspect. Going back to my spotlight on November 8, I also love this day for working on creative expressions or showing others what you have achieved. This also will be a magical date night, and because it falls on a Friday, you will be in the right frame of mind to enjoy romance, too.

Usually, I would love November 24, when Venus conjoins Jupiter, a rare and glowing aspect that happens once a year. However, on this same day, Mars will directly and tightly oppose Uranus, rattling people around you—and possibly you, too. You or others may act a little reckless, outspoken, and aggressive. As you see, here you have a day, November 24, with one fabulous aspect Venus conjunct Jupiter but also one bad one Mars opposite Uranus , so I cannot recommend it for major actions.

Your ruler Mars will create volatility when directly opposed to Uranus. Still, when it comes to your career, things will be fantastically good. Actually, a raise or extra money may come through on or very near November As you see, you may receive good news on this day in one part of your life, and not so good news in another. The new moon in Sagittarius at four degrees will arrive on November 26, influencing the ten days that follow that date. After any new moon, the changes you put into place can work well for an entire year or more.

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Saturn will be especially friendly and add long-term stability to your career, so any gains you make will be long-lasting—VIPs will be impressed and remember them. The new moon will fall in your ninth house of distant travel, so it appears you may be preparing for a trip to the airport. Immigration matters will be under superb rays, too. If you have any actions to take regarding academia, plan to make your appointment after the November 26 new moon.

In the United States, we have Thanksgiving on November 28, as it falls very late this year, giving remarkably fewer days than usual for holiday shopping. You will soon make an important financial decision, but arriving there seems to be making you tense. These two planets will meet on January 12, so you will announce the decision at the end of December or early January. I will not minimize the significance of this decision—it is a big one.

Letting go seems to impinge on your sense of financial security. Pluto is about to show you that you must find a way forward even though you feel the action has risks.

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Only you know the details of this situation, but I can say this—never make a decision out of fear. Do not say, I am too afraid to do this or that, so I will not do anything.

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That is a decision in itself, anyway. Instead, take the courageous route, plan carefully, and say, I must do this now, for I cannot allow this situation to go on. In the situation you face, you may have no choice but to leave and barrel forth, in which case you are in luck, for it will spur you to take action, much to your ultimate benefit. Jupiter will be there to protect you and propose a year of expansion, growth, and profit—one of your best years for financial gain.

You have seen no proof of this yet, but in the weeks ahead, and certainly in January, you will. It seems you will combine your money with another person, perhaps through a performance-based income, such as by commission, royalty, licensing fee, bonus, or cash advance, as some examples. This part of your chart also rules investments in your personal stocks and bonds, but also, if you are self-employed, investments in your company.

Cut yourself some slack in the run-up to Christmas. After a month of congenial earthy Virgo, the sharper spurs of Libra are kicking in. The new Moon in the Scales on September 28, and the arrival of warrior Mars on October 4 are signals to a move on, especially since a retrograde of Mercury looms in November. You have, of course, Saturn and Pluto in your sign also urging you onwards to world domination, or at least financial and spiritual survival. As for Pluto, worry about it when and if he comes calling. Tough decisions may be called for, though time-frame is over the next few months rather than weeks.

The solution, of course, is to find a just balance between the two. Patience and persistence — Aquarian virtues — help. So too should planets in fiery Sagittarius, signalling strong support from your team and your fellow travellers. Venus and Jupiter both favour a charm offensive among your network. Office romance anyone? The 5th and 6th put you favourably in the limelight. Things get more decisive and exciting with the season of Sagittarius, starting on the 23rd and quickly accelerating into a mixture of challenge and good fortune.

No harm in asking others for favours. The Taurus full Moon of the 12th shines light on your domestic arrangements, and here too, a radical rather than routine solution may present itself. The need for respite from the fray remains under emphasis, thanks to your traditional ruler, Saturn, staying behind the scenes. Contrary to some descriptions of your sign as that of fanciful dreamers, Pisceans are just as capable of practical, effective action as any other sign. Just as well, since you are likely to face a few awkward questions in November; financial issues, promises you made in October that are called in.

The Scorpio new Moon of October 28 nonetheless promises a fruitful month, with your outreach to foreign shores and distant friends enhanced. Those of you in education and charity work are likewise favoured. Show business is another option.

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Charm, and your Piscean ability to navigate choppy waters with canny ease, work wonders. Play to the gallery. Romantics take note. New encounters may have an unorthodox quality, not least around the full Moon of November The almost full Moon of the 9th and 10th makes for a heady weekend; if you can turn rivalry into mutual attraction you could make a breakthrough.

Mars moves on at the 19th, whether disputes especially over money can do the same is open to ongoing negotiation. Concurrent with the deep and meaningful stuff in Scorpio and Libra is the razzle dazzle of Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius, signalling a gloriously outgoing phase that can take you through the midwinter celebrations to the entertainments of next year. Sagittarius, a kindred fire sign, is about both geographical and philosophical exploration; outdoor treks, travel, fierce expositions on truth and beauty.

Also strong in the mix, thanks to Venus, are romantic adventures and attractions that happen swiftly enough even for impatient Rams. Jupiter being the planet of plenty and too much , you may also get a pay-off as it completes its year- long transit of the Archer. Birthdays from April 13 onwards are urged not to take good fortune for granted. The new Moon of November 26 is an omen of joy and adventure for all of you, though with Saturn still overhead, you still have to take care of business. Welcome to the mire of Mercury retrograde — opposite you until the 21st — more of which shortly.

New alliances and friends come along to displace worn-out associations.

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Such is the backdrop for November, when the Sun opposes you from Scorpio until the 23rd along with that moody Mercury and, from 19th, Mars. All of which asks you to handle your one-on-ones with rare finesse. Compromise — not always a Taurean virtue — is required, even if you feel undervalued. Merely digging in your heels only serves to drive others away. The retrograde Mercury until the 21st requires a detailed retrace of recent agreements, but nothing happens in a hurry. A whirlwind affair is on the cards with Mars in Scorpio, but if you insist on getting into disputes, expect to find yourself outgunned.

Mars in Scorpio can be a wily bruiser. You can always opt for industriousness as a way out of personal jams. The heavyweight planets in Capricorn are about to get heavier, and approaches to the status quo of your profession are promised a cordial reception. An international dimension may well be involved.

In November the giant planet completes its year-long transit of Sagittarius, hopefully granting you a stroke of good fortune as it departs. More reliable is the opposition of Venus between November 2 and 26, an opportunity to make peace overtures to anyone with whom you are on the outs, and to marvel at the excellent company and meaningful looks you attract. With Mars likewise in a romantic spot until the 19th , your love life looks a high burn thrill. If not, the cosmos is on your side to turn things around.

The 14th and 15th look promising, as does the Venus-Jupiter conjunction of the 24th.