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Join us as we rewrite what true journalism can be. Rob Brezsny is the author of the nationally-syndicated Free Will Astrology , which has run in various newspapers for almost 30 years. At the age of four my training as a ninja shaman began when I was left naked and alone next to a stream of burning lava with only two safety pins, a package of dental floss, and a plastic bag full of Cheerios. My mission: to find my way to my spiritual home.

What were they thinking? Time magazine asked renowned historian David McCullough if there was anything we do today that our descendants will regard as equally insane and inexcusable. Think of some things you did when you were younger that now seem incomprehensible or ignorant. You may be pondering the same riddle: feeling suspicious about why you seem more relaxed and tolerant than usual in the face of plain old everyday chaos.

Congrats and enjoy! What mobilizes your self-discipline and inspires you to see the big picture?

Pisces Big-Picture Forecast for 2018

I encourage you to identify those sources of high-octane fuel, and then take extraordinary measures to make them a strong presence in your life. There has rarely been a better time than now for you to do this. It could create effects that will last for years. Nothing great was ever achieved without it. LEO July Aug.

Week of July 25, 12222

Later, though, when I was back home meditating on your horoscope, I softened my attitude a bit. The astrological omens do indeed suggest that in the upcoming weeks and months, you just might be able to learn a rather substantial skill in a relatively short time.

If possible, see if you can amuse and entertain people, not enrage them, by compelling them to change their minds about you. Free chewing gum was included in each package as a promotional gimmick. But soon the freebie became so popular that Wrigley rearranged its entire business. Is there something you are overvaluing at the cost of something you are undervaluing? Psychologists say it takes five compliments to outweigh the effects of a single dash of derogatory criticism. With this in mind, I urge you to be extra careful not to dispense barbs.

They would be especially damaging during this phase of your astrological cycle — both to you and to those at whom you direct them.

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Instead, Scorpio, why not dole out an abundance of compliments? I suspect you may be close to having a. That could actually be a good thing. In the big scheme of things, it's mildly interesting but utterly irrelevant.

Pisces October 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

The coming weeks will be a good time for Cancerians like you and me to renounce any desire we might have to capitalize on fake ego points like this. We Crabs should be honing our identity and self-image so they're free of superficial measures of worth. What's authentically valuable about you? LEO July Aug. First I'd hire a masseuse or masseur to knead you firmly and tenderly.

I'd send you to the nutritionist, stylist, dream interpreter, trainer, and life coach. I'd brainstorm with the people who know you best to come up with suggestions for how to help free you from your illusions and infuse your daily rhythm with twenty percent more happiness. I'd try to talk you out of continuing your association with anyone or anything that's no damn good for you.

In conclusion, I'd be thorough as I worked to get you unlocked, debugged, and retooled. In accordance with the astrological omens, I nominate you Virgos to fit that description in the coming weeks. You are, in my estimation, as far away from hell as you've been in a long time. If anyone can seduce, coax, or compel heaven to come all the way down to earth for a while, it's you.

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Here's a good way to get the party started: Gaze into the mirror until you spy the eternal part of yourself. If you feel inspired, you might even want to move some of that old stuff right out the door and haul it to the dump or the thrift store. The time is ripe, my dear homies, to free your home of deadweight. That was probably an important factor in his success. The rebranding made it easier for clients and customers to take him seriously. With Ralph's foresight as your inspiration, Scorpio, consider making a change in yourself that will enhance your ability to get what you want.

The award committee praised his "high spirit and artistic purity.

Waterlilies and Souls of Violet were works he wrote while young and still ripening. As he aged, he grew so embarrassed by their sentimentality that he ultimately tried to track down and eradicate every copy. I bring this to your attention, Sagittarius, because I think it's a favorable time for you to purge or renounce or atone for anything from your past that you no longer want to be defined by. He was also a pioneer in mathematics, optics, and astronomy. And yet he also expended huge amounts of time and energy on the fruitless attempt to employ alchemy to transform base metals into solid gold.

Those efforts may have been interesting to him, but they yielded no lasting benefits. You Capricorns face a comparable split. In , you could bless us with extraordinary gifts or else you could get consumed in projects that aren't the most productive use of your energy.

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The coming weeks may be crucial in determining which way you'll go. It could and should usher you into a more soulful way of living. I'm pleased to report that this transition won't require you to endure torment, confusion, or passive-aggressive manipulation. In fact, I suspect it could turn out to be among the most graceful ordeals you've ever experienced — and a prototype for the type of breakthrough that I hope will become standard in the months and years to come. Imagine being able to learn valuable lessons and make crucial transitions without the prod of woe and gloom.

Imagine being able to say, as musician P. Harvey said about herself, "When I'm contented, I'm more open to receiving inspiration. I'm most creative when I feel safe and happy.