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I am surprised someone that has done such harm is used as an example instead of someone who has done good in the world? But I am not sure how Bin Laden would have found true happiness if he was hunted and killed by American forces? If you ask me he got a rather merciful death compared to living out a life in solitary confinement in a small cell I fear this more than death , or being beheaded in a gruesome act filmed for propaganda purposes as has been done by some Islamic radical groups to people they deem enemies , or tortured to death as some other people captured in the war on terror were , or even a public hanging after a show trial like Saddam Hussein.

A lot of people with this placement see life as a temporary anyway. Perhaps he regretted the pain and sacrifice he caused his family. Who knows. But I doubt that the hunting of him did much of anything psychologically except validate his ego somehow and cause some inconveniences. Now … if I could only figure out the mixed message of having North Node in Scorpio in the 2nd House exactly conjunct Jupiter and Neptune at one corner of a Grand Cross.

I have this placement too, NN 2nd house Scorpio. For me it makes my entire chart a little harder to interpret, as all my houses fall in their opposite signs. Thank you very much. I have a couple of comments if I may. First, it is important that we do not judge, but rather understand the motives of others, such as Bin Laden.

To him, he did no wrong but rather followed the path he believed to be his.

The North and South Nodes of the Moon

As Celestina commented, happiness is different to each and everyone of us. For those readers that think this aspect is a negative in their life, I think perhaps you should re-read the meaning. Transformation is a wonderful thing. Without change in our lives, how could we possibly increase our experiences and grow our universal energy. But how will that help you fulfil the true purpose of our existence. To give without expectation of return is one of the greatest experiences.

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Do everything out of love and not for return. When we learn this and I still have a lot to learn so our lives will start making even more sense. I hope it helps others to understand their path a little more clearly, just as it has for me. Hi fellow Stargazers. And , being open to sharing that which is in our apparent grasp , is in itself being in a sense of Nirvana and completion. All people my age have the node north scorpion. And yet they do not have a more difficult life than others.

There is the same variety of destiny as in others. Some even spouse, same job, same house all their lives.. The example of Marlen Dietrich is ridiculous: how can you say that she had a routine life? And the fate of Hiro Ito and the Shah of Iran are completely opposite, totally, nothing in common. What does it mean when you have this north node in the second house ruled by Taurus which represents what I have to let go of in this lifetime?

My new values should be Scorpio-like? I have this as well, Scorpio NN in the 2nd house. It confuses me how exactly to interpret, when all your houses fall in their opposite signs. I read my 6th House placement and left a comment there as well. I sort of feel that there is a supportive tone missing from your articles I admit I have only read the two so far! In my experience, some people can take on the hard stuff relatively quickly, depending on their chart, choices, level of awareness, life experience etc. Again, I feel as if you are telling the story but perhaps it is in your delivery where you might be losing some readers.

Obviously those who only saw the negative and foreboding ideas in the write up have trouble letting go of old beliefs and are afraid of change. The essay was an accurate description. So, what does it mean exactly? Does that mean I am destined to continue indulging in luxury?

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It contradicts the meaning of the North node in Scorpio. Please help me understand. If people complain about north node in Scorpio, think what is means to add this, which I have: 1. Located in the second house of possessions and values, natural house for Taurus in modern Astrology. Add… 2. Saturn in the same house…second house. Very hard to make a living…or I do and lose most of it through being out of work. I am very educated and have vast experience, and spent a fortune of time and money, nearly all part time, getting it. Saturn T square moon and Pluto… total transformation required, emotionally.

Upheaval, whether external circumstance mostly, or a few created by myself. Yes, extremely tired of it all!! I want to RIP, seeing psycholgist and pysch, both trying to save me.

What Does Your North Node Mean In Astrology? What It Says About The Person You're Meant To Become

Various psychics has told me it is amazing I have survived.. I have just gone through my second Saturn return, and in remembering both Saturn returns, with such placements, I have decided I will suicide before my next, if I ever get that old. Even , if I attained that transformation, all up, my life could never be worth it.

Absolute hell, living with conti house upheavals and emotional and material insecurity. Thind destroys relationships too. So if readers have NN Scorpio, and complain, think about others with great additional hard aspects on top of it. Celestina, Thank you. I found your article enlightening, not negative at all. Gave me more understanding of my zero degree scorpio N.

How would I interpet it in the tenth house? Loved your article Scorpio, South Node in the first house. Thank you for the explanation. Is that odd? I have this placement and it rings true. Often I think it would be great if this was my last incarnation but there are people I love who I want to share experiences with in unknown future incarnations. Possessions are a crutch that I have yet to master. I like to many odd and wonderful things but know in my heart how freeing it is to not be tied down to stuff.

I have let go of everything and have had it return in other ways. Transformation can be painful but once you get to the other side you gain a deep understanding of life. I never thought that life was going to be easy. The hard times make you appreciate the easy times. Thank you for the information it comforts me to know that this what I chose for myself. I also have an aries stellium in the 7th house 4 planets…sun, moon, venus, and mercury constant change and the bearer of MANY HATS…thank you for this share. I find this placement difficult to interpret, with the house being ruled by its opposite sign.

I have a scorpio NN in the 2nd house…do you have some insight on this? I actually do better one on one…but like I said they are so temporal…never lasting. I think the house is much more important than the sign and should be the primary consideration. Especially if your house and sign contradict each other, consider just the house.

Also, as others have pointed out this interpretation of NN Scorpio is overly negative. Turning the chart we can see that H8 rules the moveable possessions of your partners, open enemies and all strangers. Any person or place with sun in H8 or sun in Scorpio are favorable as well as Scorpio ruled things like surgery.

Spending time with H8 or Scorpio sun people and in H8 or Scorpio sun places is favorable and helps you on your karmic path. NN Scorpio indicates that surgery will be beneficial. If you are very independent and always make your own money and never depend on others you will have problems. NN Scorpio favors depending on a partner. All H2 activities, people, places are detrimental and should be avoided.

Taurus sun and H2 sun people are detrimental. Focusing on making your own money H2 and never asking for help or depending on others is also detrimental. This is not about giving up all material possessions but rather allowing yourself to depend on others — very hard for independent people to do! Great add on the the above read and something that I came also very close by too. Father — Scorpio becomes the absolute spiritual lead in my life as I get over Tried many sports during life — but swimming water remains as key one… Job search — instead of applying for them and searching… instead focused on listening if someone will offer something — and immediatelly new positions came to me….

I fully agree that this path is about learning to receive… and if I may say learn to wish….

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John — really interested in what you say. I am job hunting at the moment and listening out for jobs instinctively seems to be a better way of doing it, though also thinking of speculatively sending out my CV. Having been short of funds for about the last three years, I have had to rely on my Dad to help which was difficult to do, but perhaps receiving is something for me to learn too. Neptune conj.

Dane Rudyhar wrote that Scorpio is the most Creative sign. More and more astrology experts these days are agreeing on the importance of the positioning of the lunar nodes in the birth chart. The positioning of the north and south nodes of the moon are said to not only dictate what issues and shortcomings tend to hold you back in this lifetime the south node , but also show you what qualities you should be aspiring to in order to achieve your true destiny in life the north node.

Your south node may represent your issues, but it also represents fear and a position that feels comfortable to you, even if it is not altogether productive or healthy. The north node always represents a positioning and a set of qualities that feels alien at first, but it points the way to true fulfillment and growth.

To find out the locations of the nodes in your chart get your free birth chart wheel here. People with this positioning tend to have issues with co-dependency and wishy-washiness. They also have a tendency to be fearful individuals who have trouble believing in. They are being called on to learn how to take a stand, take charge, and become better leaders. They should work on becoming more independent and on learning how to trust their own judgment more of the time. They are being asked to learn to focus on the simpler things in life instead.

Diligence, dedication, and hard-working natures are also things these people should look to develop. They are being called to learn to value communication, diplomacy, and meaningful interaction with others. These folks have a tendency to be control freaks and take just about everything too seriously. They are also independent to a fault. They should work on learning the value of depending on others once in a while. They should also make an attempt to get more in touch with their emotions and their sense of vulnerability. People with this positioning tend to be too attached to the values and needs of the masses and fail to embrace their individuality.

They also may find they are afraid to take risks, to lead, or to be the center of attention. They should work on developing their sense of independence, as well as learn the value of leadership and charisma. These folks bury their head in the sand too much, and they lack the ability to face life head on and accept responsibility. They should focus on becoming more disciplined, more organized, and more focused. People with this positioning tend to be overly self-reliant and independent to a fault.

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They feel they always need to take the lead and they may have issues with impulse control. They are being called upon to consider the needs of others more and to become more accommodating. Balance in life will be attained through cooperation and the building of partnerships. People with this positioning tend to depend too much on themselves, and they may set too much store on material possessions and money. They can be stubborn and too focused on maintaining the security that is so precious to them as well.