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The seduction continues when Mars aligns with Antares — red heart of the Scorpion — on the 10th, increasing your mojo in time for V-Day. Taurus April 21 — May 21 Hardworking Bull, this is your month.

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  3. You are being redirected.

You deserve the rewards coming your way. On the 15th, a New Moon 1 p. The same day sees a partial eclipse of the sun so you may feel a lack of energy. But by the 17th, a Mercury position in Capricorn restores your ambition. You are status oriented this month, and your Instagram will validate the Bull. Gemini May 22 — June 21 Is there something you want to tell us, Gemini? The twins see big-time transformation this month, beginning on the 8th when Mars aligns with the Moon in Scorpio, firing up that charming mind of yours. I suggest aggressive Karaoke to blow off some steam, so go cry hot Morrissey tears.

What is that energy behind your ideas? If you apply it strategically on the 17th, you can make some money with that fire. Remain ambitious this month, and the planets will stay in your corner.

Full Bull Moon

The zodiac loves its twins. Cancer June 22 — July 22 Good news, Cancer — you can turn off the waterworks and put that tissue away; February brings an emotional reprieve to the crab. Expect justice in relationships — finally! On the 11th, Saturn and the Moon connect material objects with nostalgia. And on the 15th, a new Moon in your house of transformation brings massive opportunity to get serious and enjoy the anti-emotional vibes. You will see the path you need to take.

The same day brings a partial eclipse of the Sun. Power up, my lovely. Leo July 23 — August 22 Get ready for some snuggles, Leo.

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  • When Jupiter joins the Moon on the 7th expect warm vibes. Your purr might become a growl on the 15th when the Sun, your ruling planet, suffers a partial eclipse. The Sun moves into Aquarius on the 16th — expect strengthened partnerships; this cosmic gift means friendship for all Leos. And on the 17th feel status —oriented when Mercury align with the earth, supercharging your kitty ambition. This month, you chase the dog. Virgo August 23 — September 22 The Virgin sees appreciation in the workplace this month. Your organizational skills are rewarded on the 15th when the new Moon sends money to your professional house.

    Have an idea on the back burner? Start something new and get noticed. Your ruling Mercury continues to favor ambition on the 17th, further boosting your status. Increase the potency of this planetary condition with strategic posts on social media. February sees the sun moving into Aquarius, and Virgos benefit from the loving celestial energy. If they were to depend on the kindness of others, it could take away some of their sense of self-worth and accomplishment.

    They know they'll figure it out eventually, and then they'll have something else to be proud of. Taurus are very stubborn, and they believe their way is the only way. Asking someone for help might involve Taurus having to change, and they don't want to do that. They're happy the way they are, and that their instincts and ideas will always steer them into making the correct decisions and taking the best actions. If things take a little longer without help, that's fine.

    Taurus is extremely patient and focused enough to see things through. She has written over articles on the zodiac signs and how the stars influence us. Follow Us. Sign in.

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    Photo: getty. Today you'll very effectively trick yourself into action and accomplishment. You really like a person, and the feeling is mutual, though life will not bring you together naturally. If you want something to happen, it will be on you to make it so.

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    • Compatibility and passion are not mutually exclusive, and yet, they seldom occur at the same time in the same relationship. Furthermore, if you have to pretend you're someone else to win love, it's not love that you're winning. To provide a reason for what's happening is to offer a sense of comfort and context. When in doubt, give people more information instead of less, especially on the subject of why.

      It will help them calm down. LEO July Aug. Though you may not have the moment to express it today, you're very proud of a certain person's talent and commitment, and when that person wins, you'll feel like you're winning, too. There may be false starts, incorrect data, unhelpful feedback and the like — a gift if you take it as your cue to go back to what you know to be true.

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      With the truth as your touchstone, much will be possible. Because you're so creative, sometimes people don't understand right away how to take what you're throwing out there.

      Moon of Intuitive Perception

      But don't give up, because with a little more time and exposure, they'll really start to get you. People get together; alchemy happens; and soon the group has its own atmosphere. If you want a commitment from people, get it in the room because once they leave the room, the spell will be broken.

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      You would like to be more certain of a relationship than you are, but perhaps, on a deeper level, that is the whole appeal. If you were to know exactly what was there, it would nullify the discovery. You may wonder whether a person likes you or not — a strange thought, since it also seems that you should, by now, be able to take this as a given. Human complexity is better embraced than overthought.

      First, you'll sense that you might be able to change the world, and then you'll make a move.